Saturday, July 26, 2014

Backpacks for kids

I was not sewing so long.. I really missed it. But now I had a little time to live for my hobby. I planned to sew backpacks for my children months ago. A couple of days ago I knew I would have some time to sew so I was looking for some fabric in the cupboard. I found some which really inspired me.

After cutting, pinning and sewing these beautiful backpacks were done :)

I added one pocket on the front for hankies.

I sewed flowers on my daughters' straps.

My kids really love them. They were so excited during the sewing.. They are just shouting and screaming when I finished them. Now I wash all of the backpacks and after they are getting dry, I will give to my sons and daughter to use them. :) Hopefully they will love them long.

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